How to View Change to Transform life is all in our perspective…..

Princess Fumi Hancock is the Princess of Suburbia®, a bestselling author, African Oscar-winning Storyteller, Speaker, TV & Radio Host, Wealth Generation Expert, and a Dreamweaver (President, Let’s Go Innovate ™ & Adassa Adumori Foundation). She is also the Creator of The SUCCESS LAUNCH BLUEPRINT & YOUR INNER YOU, a program & blog which help her clients to discover, ignite, launch and turn their passion into profit, fearlessly without going broke!. Princess Fumi is also the Ringleader of the Southern Warrior Sisters Tribe. Follow her blog and get an early start at boosting your self-esteem for successful living while employing successful tips for maximizing your career or business. Connect with Princess Fumi on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, 5 Minute Success Blueprint Podcast, Radio, and YouTube Channel.

My Wisdom Nugget for the DAY:
The #1 Ultimate Truth You Must Know about the Life Transformation You Seek so Desperately!

“Change, like sunshine, can be a friend, or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or a dusk.” William Arthur Ward.

Princess Fumi’s Commentary on Change & Transformation:
I ask you today, what is your pleasure? Would you rather go through the painful part now, pass the test, and move on to your destination? or would you waste your precious moments fighting through life’s difficult lessons? Either way, the lessons are going to come! It is now up to you how you adapt to those lessons. You are a participant in this adventure called LIFE! So, get in the game and quit wasting time!~Page 89-90
Your Vision Torch: A Foolproof  Tactics to Achieving Your Dreams & Becoming a Success

“It is a book that has come to stay beyond this generation because, it gives insight into divine wisdom on how to identify dreams and vision a careful study of it gives chances for a greater future.”
~Peter Olaseni CEO Gateway Humanitarian Assistance Initiative

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Princess Fumi Hancock
Your Vision Torch! Foolproof Tactics for Achieving Your Dreams and Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur (Spring Hill: Cambium Break Holdings, LLC, 2013), 89

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