The True Essence of Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving? Read this to know the real essence of Thanksgiving! #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2017

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Thanksgiving, one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a blessing in disguise because you will also get to spend time with your family and friends.

Thanksgiving is more than the delicious turkeys eaten and newly bought clothes to celebrate this day. The true essence of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for everything you received throughout the year. It is a time of “sacrifice; a time to reflect; a time of forgiveness when we lay aside our offering and reach out to be a blessing. It is a time to experience love and to be loved.

It’s more than the festivities but it is a perfect time and opportunity to appreciate and count the blessings you and your loved ones have received. It is a time when you lay aside YOU and reach out to someone else who is less fortunate. It is the time to look back at the lessons you have learned, the great times you have spent together and how you can spread the happiness around. And the greatest blessing of all is the love you receive from the people you love; family and friends who care, and of course the guidance and enlightenment that God bestowed upon you. It is a simple reminder of all the wonderful things in life.

Now, what’s the true essence of Thanksgiving for you?

Time to cut the turkey! May your Thanksgiving be filled with blessings, joy, and laughter. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

The wait is over! I welcome everyone to come and join me for Virtual End of Year Candlelight War Room Service” to be held on December 29, 2017, 10: 00 PM CST. Join in and start your year right, knowing what to do, how to do things, and how to live an amazing life in GOD. Basic biblical principles were taught and prophetic utterances went out for the year.

Request to join sister tribe before the said date:

Thank you!

Storyteller bistro Magazine launch 27.09.2017 9am CST

Yesterday morning was indeed one of the best launch parties that I ever had. I would like to thank everyone who watched live on facebook and the ones who participated and attended. You are all AWESOME! We were all excited to see you all! Please stay tuned as we give highlights of the launch in the next 5 days. We are so thankful to you all that’s why we would like to give you all a gift, everyone please brace yourselves as we have created a lot of great deals for our major master classes!

Simply go to to find out!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Master Your Millions™ With GOD: Another Successful Retreat Wrapped-Up!

Master Your Millions™ With GOD: Another Successful Retreat Wrapped-Up!

Having recently arrived home from yet another successful retreat, I thought I would give you an update on how it all went: Amazing of course!!! Take a look:

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending and all my wonderful, powerful, speakers, I’m talking to you:

The three-day retreat took place at the fabulous Hyatt Place, Franklin, Tennessee with delegates jumping on planes to attend from across the USA.

We kicked off with religious workshops to encourage self-discovery and success through God, led by myself, Dr. David and Pastor Leighann. After a delicious lunch, we entered the exciting realms of marketing with our expert speakers Dan, Rachel, Markeith and Dr. Aikyna.

Our evening session entailed the Sister Tribe Leaders holding a round-table discussion followed by much-anticipated networking time; where my fearless visionaries came together to share their ideas and build their networks (essential for success!).

The second day furthered the idea of moving forward to success with the help of religion in the form of prayer. We held an insightful question and answer session with Dr. David and I; during which we had plenty of laughs and gave everyone a sneak peek into our eventful lives!

Flerida then gave an interesting workshop on investing in real estate – unveiling some golden tips to help us on our way to making the big bucks! Attendees then took to the floor to share how they are mastering their brilliance and their millions, with some fabulous idea sharing and discussion between the whole group.

Prophet Solomon led the afternoon’s events and the following day with insightful workshops on prophetic influence and prophetic activation in terms of business and career success.

The most unforgettable evening was of course the Forma Gala held on Saturday! I had a wonderful time getting to know everyone, discussing visions and learning from their experiences. We had some fantastic storytelling and I hope to see everyone again at the next retreat. If you would like to hear about my upcoming retreats, simply subscribe to my mailing list by clicking here.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we received after the retreat:

“The setting and atmosphere was excellent. It was beautiful!!” – Christa Lee

 “I’m so thankful for everything that she [Princess Fumi] has outpoured this weekend. I am so thankful for all of the speakers that came out to speak.” – Patricia Osburn

 “Dr Princess Fumi led us into a more intimate realm in experiencing the holy spirit in our own way but in a corporate setting. So the intimacy of the room and the atmosphere was set for healing and deliverance. ” – Linda D Lee

“This seminar is a boost of energy.” – Gloria

“The whole retreat was a blessing from beginning to end.”– Tessa L Hall

Free webinar: One sure fire way you can use writing to advance your business into a multi-million dollar empire

Hello wonderful people and happy Monday to you all!

Free webinar: One sure fire way you can use writing to advance your business into a multi-million dollar empire

Hello wonderful people and happy Monday to you all!

I am very excited to announce my FREE webinar to celebrate the launch of the all-new Storyteller Bistro. We will be unveiling the new learning platform and giving you a free masterclass taster where I will reveal the secret to advancing your business venture through writing – Don’t delay, sign up below!

If you really want to know how to master and tame your writing, this free webinar lays it all out for you!

Here’s just a sample of what I’ll cover during this incredible webinar:

  • What type of writing will further your business? How do they work?
  • How do I succeed in using writing as a business venture?
  • Where can I find an idea that will cost less than 99 cents to start a business venture?
  • How do I use this idea to work on building a business?
  • How do I turn this less than 99 cents idea into a simple, paid business venture?
  • Is there an inexpensive way of implementing this million-dollar worth idea?
  • How do you set up a creative business venture
  • Where do I find video, marketing and distribution strategies to enhance my business?
  • What is the best way to build visibility in my business?
  • Can I build an empire on writing?

…and much, MUCH More!

I Teach…

fear11As a follow up article to last week’s discussion about the importance of communication, I’d like mention a few more thoughts. These are proven techniques to increase your communication skills. If you are having trouble connecting with your coaching clients, or having trouble making them understand what you are saying, you may want to give these tips a chance. As a great communicator, it’s important for you to be able to listen and show your client how much you value what they are telling you. It’s important to maintain eye contact. It’s also important for them to feel comfortable with you. Let’s work through the list.

Share, Express and Love

Instead of jumping right in to your meeting, why don’t you try to express your thanks for the other individual’s time? Time is an extremely precious resource, and it important to be respectful and considerate of that. Also, complement or recognize any positive contribution they are making. Appreciation and praise can go a long way towards building good rapport.

Connect and Appeal

Connect on a personal level if possible. Look for places where interests overlap. Even in a professional situation, there may be some personal interests in common: hobbies, sports, children, music, career choices. Take care to avoid controversial topics like politics or religious beliefs. A real sense of connection makes a difference in the tone and outcome of the current conversation and most likely future communications, as well.

Be Exuberant… Be Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to productive communications. Be constructive rather than negative or complaining. People shut down, effectively ending any real communication when they feel attacked or criticized. Be encouraging and kind, even when expressing concerns or displeasure.

Just Focus

It’s important to figure out what result you are after before you start any kind of dialogue. Knowing your objective helps you to direct the conversation and to remain on point. What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you trying to give help, resolve a conflict, or collaborate on a project or issue? Are you seeking advice or trying to influence behavior? Your desired outcome helps to determine the flow of communication.

Don’t Talk All the Time… Listen All the Time

Eye contact is crucial when you are meeting someone face-to-face. Try to be polite and, whatever you do, don’t interrupt. No one likes being interrupted, and though it’s natural to want to rush in to make your point, it’s very disrespectful of the other person’s thoughts. Try to understand the other person’s perspective. Maintain an open mind.

Do They Understand?

Try to confirm that you have a mutual understanding of what’s being communicated. We often think that we’ve reached a resolution and come to an understanding, only to find out that we have completely misunderstood the other person’s thoughts. Ask for input and feedback. This not only confirms that you have successfully communicated, it also makes the other person feel that they have been heard and understood.

Always try to end your communication in a friendly manner. Remember to reiterate your thanks and try to leave the other individual feeling understood and valued. Productive communication involves respect, consideration, awareness, and clarity. It is possible to be both direct and kind and still get the results you want.

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David Bowie Dies at 69! A Legacy Lesson for All! Princess of Suburbia Chimes In!

David Bowie Dies at 69! A Legacy Lesson for All! Princess of Suburbia, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, Chimes In!

David-Bowie_Chicago_2002-08-08_photoby_Adam-Bielawski-croppedI woke up to the sad news of David Bowie…Dies at 69! Understanding how his family may be feeling as I had just lost a brother barely 6 days ago, my first inclination was to find out what legacy he left behind. While many may be stuck on how he died, I have a different view about it. I shared this on my periscope broadcast today (CLICK HERE).

Many who follow me on periscope (@PrincessinSub) and BLABTV ( know how passionate I am on the importance of writing our Legacy Statement and allowing that legacy statement to point us to our true calling or passion or life purpose, as you may call it. David Bowie exemplified that.

photo by_Adam-Bielawski

Here is why:
(1). Every media outlet I turned to this morning said one great thing about his legacy: that he was “a master re-inventor and a compassionate business man.” This is a legacy his family should be incredibly proud of. It was amazing that not many talked about how much he made but more on the lives he impacted while he was with us. This is a legacy worth celebrating for generations to come.
(2). Another media outlet talked about the fact that he was someone who tried things and when it didn’t work, he knew when to let go, then re-invent his life purpose. Because he was great at it, his music cut across generations. While many artists in his generation may have faded away, he remained known. He was also a family man, who kept his family as private as he could.
(3). Once he re-engineered his life purpose, he worked at it. As a matter of fact, David Bowe’s last music was released last week, few days before he turned 69.

Here is a question for you today, if you took your last breath today, what would your legacy be?

Live Life Full, Leave It Empty




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Please join me tonight (11.5.2015) on Periscope Reflections with Princess of Suburbia(R):
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Thursday-Reflections with Princess of Suburbia
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010: Warrior Wednesday~What an “Original” Possesses that a “Counterfeit” Lacks! Who Are You? [Podcast]

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Buyers! Beware! There is a Copycat in town! Can the counterfeit be YOU?” Don’t be a Fraud!
You were Created to be an Original and not a Counterfeit! Why then are many spending time imitating others? What qualities do “the original creation” possess that a “counterfeit” lacks? Be it in life or in business, we must attain excellence. We each have been created for a unique purpose. It is therefore our duty to spend time discovering that purpose rather than spend time walking in someone else’ lane!

What happens when you walk in someone else’s lane? Find Out on today’s episode of The 5 Minute Success Blueprint. This message is only for the brave at heart and those really looking to cross over!

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  Show highlights
In this episode, I discuss:

“Ep 9. Are You In or Are You Out ? ~The Only Life You’ve Got!”
by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, DNP

Sorry, listening to the audio on this website requires Flash support in your browser. You can try playing the MP3 file directly by clicking here.

Hello Everyone and welcome to another edition of the 5 Minute success blueprint where it is my goal in this 5 minutes to help you ignite your dreams and harness your vision. I am your host, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, a Nurse-writer, speaker, and transformation expert.

Are You In or Are You Out? It’s the Only Life You’ve Got! Make it Work!

Many of us walk around our space feeling dejected, overwhelmed, exhausted, and many times disconnected or dissatisfied with life. We know we want a change and often we do not know what change we desire or how to get it. Yesterday, a dear friend talked on his posting about being amazed that people want financial freedom and yet when opportunity comes around, they wish it away.

Are you one of those who talk more than act? Is there something you desire right now and you are doing absolutely nothing to make it happens? Or perhaps you are waiting for someone to do what you know you ought to do?

On this episode, I will share my wisdom nuggets to help you on your way to success. If you anything like me, there are times you look around you and you sometimes feel you are surrounded by aliens…of you feel like an alien to your own life.

–What influences surround you and how do you remove yourself from their space or remove them from your own space?

At the end of this episode, I am going to challenge you to pick up your baton and get busy with life

–And I do solemnly declare that life will only happen when you happen.

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