It’s Warrior Wednesday: 7 Ways of Standing TALL, FIRM, & STILL in the Midst of a Raging Storm

What do you do when all hell  breaks loose in your home, at your place of work and you look around and help seems to elude you?
When raging storm of life ceases to stop                                                    

How do you overcome all the confusion, frustration, and the overwhelming sense of disconnection with a relationship, a work place, your boss… whoever you may slide into this question?

Here are steps (which I call my wisdom nugget)  to help you move through your most difficult season:

(1). Understand that this season is TEMPORARY;
(2). Be Still… Be Still… Be Still…;
(3). Truthfully assess your circumstances and make sure that you have not brought this particular situation on, due to your action or inaction;
(3b). If you have, then repent and chart a new course for yourself without regrets;
(4). If not, begin to thank the heavenly father because your storm is about to shift into a victory dance;
(5). No one lives alone….We are created to live life with others. As such, figure out who your confidant is and share this agonizing situation with him or her;
(6). In all that you do, PUT GOD FIRST!
(7). Understand that your Creator has your back no matter what!
(8). PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! And meditate on God’s Words. The answers you are seeking are embedded in his words.

Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: When Life’s Raging Storm Refuses to CEASE, Be Fierce to Say Enough!

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experiences
~ Soren Kierkegaard

What do you do when life’s storm keeps pushing against you and you feel like you are at your wit’s end?
life raging storm by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock                          Hairstyle by CJ Savoy ~Bac to Basic Hair Gallery~ Brentwood, TN
Photography by Ese Morrison Fashions by Princess Herself!

Recently, one of my southern warrior sister-tribe, sister, Dawn D. Totty who is an award winning designer/stager was on her way to yet another interesting assignment. She loves the path to the family’s house that she took the picture to share just the serenity surrounding her as she drive towards the house.
serenity walk in the gardens inspiration                                                         Photography by Dawn D. Totty

I was instantly captivated by the picture and immediately asked if I had permission to use it. That same day, another southern warrior sister-tribe sister, Marlas Triplett-Sells, “Our Teacher-Preacher sister” and her husband Robert Sells were on their way to Indiana for July 4th (independence day) celebration here in the United States. Well, she too sent me a picture. This time it was a picture of them pushing through the storms to get to their destination.