It’s Warrior Wednesday: 7 Ways Warriors Can Steer their Vision Without Fear

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Warriors Learn How to Steer their Vision without FEAR

Many walk around in circles; never fully grasping what they need to do to steer their vision. Many are frustrated and about ready to quit on their dreams because age is quickly riding up on them and it just seem like the dream is getting farther eluding them.

ARE YOU TIRED? Are you depressed? Are you confused? Are you overwhelmed and can’t see to find your way out of the unending circle of challenges?
Here are steps you can begin taking today that can /will impact your outcome ultimately:

(1). Believe that you can make it ~ For me, the Word of God has been a great resource where this is concerned.
(2) Understand that there is a season for the breakthrough you are seeking, so discern the season and stay in it.
(3). Do not spend your energy attempting to operate in someone elses’ lane and season. BELIEVE WHEN I SAY THIS, COPY-CATS EVENTUALLY SELF DESTRUCT!
(4). Focus! Focus! Focus!
(5). Write the vision down and make it plain.
(6). Take massive action towards it: One step at a time, you will conquer the mountain.
(7). Be vigilant to align with those who are assigned to you for this season, to uplift, up guard, mentor, guide you t the path you are treading.

Above all, BE READY!

Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, RN DNP
Storyteller & Screenwriter, Speaker, & Transformational Expert

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