Inspirational Thought for Today: It’s Warrior Wednesday

Many fail to appreciate or honor the connection God places in their lives. They often disregard other people’s’ opinions and do not understand that true friendship or mentorship tell the truth at all cost, even when the truth is hard to swallow. Some are in desperate need of a life makeover right now because they have chosen their own course with no direction from anyone. When their thought processes are challenged, they go cold, stand aloof, and become passive aggressive.

The Message:
When we allow ourselves to be led right and be instructed (maturely taking the good, the bad, and the ugly), most of the dead-end journeys we find ourselves in, can and will be avoided.

Respect those whom God has place in your life! This is a heavenly secret to pushing through life challenges and into your destination. When you honor others, you will be honored too! When you celebrate others, you will be celebrated too. No one owes us anything in life! But we owe ourselves the chance to lead an authentic life, move beyond pain & sorrow, and grow even when chastised.”Beyond Idol Worship (Amazon)

Until Next Time,

Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be of Sentimental Value, and Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, DNP
Sentimental Nurse-Writer, Screenwriter, and Transformation Expert

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It’s Arise and Shine Tuesday at Your Inner You

Arise and Shine Tuesday at Success Blueprint for Your Inner You:.. a place where dream flourish….
Its arise and shine TuesdayUntil Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be of Sentimental Value, and Be Authentic!

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, DNP
Nurse-Writer, Speaker, and Transformation Expert

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: If You Have Ever Felt Insignificant Before, this is For YOU!

Have you ever felt so Insignificant? You seem to be trying everything and it just feels like you are not gaining victory grounds. You are desperate… in pain… confused…
overwhelmed…frustrated… Just plain tired! It is Warrior Wednesday and this message is tailor-made for YOU!
Furstrated business people                                                               source: weber consulting

If you have ever  felt insignificant in the course of your life; if you’ve ever felt like your contributions have not been recognized, if you’ve ever doubted that your gift or who you are matters to anyone, here is a wonderful message for you… It’s a chapter pulled from my book, Your Vision Torch: An Innovator’s Prescription to Igniting Your Dreams & Harness Your Vision (pg. 85…)

“Faith is an antidote to Frustration and Weariness” – Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock